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so, people keep asking who miranda gunner is, and i’m going to fucking tell you

you might recognize her name from the post going around with all her “funny” facebook statuses where she’s just a rude cunt to people in the comments. hilarious.

in any case, this girl constantly bullies people, tells them to kill themselves, threatens them, etc. (as shown here)

she’s homophobic, racist, and just generally a fucking awful person

she is personally responsible for the suicide of a girl in my city, bullied her and harassed her and convinced others to do the same until she fucking took her own life

i just want y’all to be fucking aware before you call her “funny” or whatever for that post of her statuses floating around

btw, her tumblr url is highmiranda 

just putting this here so you all know the truth.


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I’m just gonna leave this here.

like it truly amazes me that these countries engaging in this deliberate infringement on human rights can just WASTE money on developing anti-homeless shit like spikes, barred benches, or timed seating, but not spend any of that to FIX their homeless problem by either building shelters, coming up with programs to help, or increasing benefits. The idea that people are homeless by choice, or just ‘too lazy’ needs to fucking end. Most homeless are either disabled veterans, people with mental illness, LGBTQ youth/individuals whose families have abandoned them, or, my personal favorite, entire fucking families with children who have been displaced. Seriously, these people are not a burden, our worlds globalized capitalist structuring is.

^ entirely, all of this.

what kind of cruel society puts up spikes in all the safe, dry locations that the homeless population can stay in? what kind of cruel society spends money trying to hide the homeless population, instead of spending money trying to end it? fuck

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It has been reported that JK Rowling regrets putting Ron and Hermione together. I am digging up sources as we speak but my heart is pounding and I needed to get it out before I went into cardiac arrest.



Its One Direction!!!!! My sister made me draw it for her friend


Drew this ages ago…..Yeah they are Justin Beiber lyrics. No, i’m not ashamed because they are CUTE!! :D

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